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Do we want Kerikeri and Waipapa Roads to resemble Mill Lane in the future?

The current effects-based District Plan does not define land uses in the Rural Production Zone which applies to most of the land outside of urban areas, including the two primary approach routes to Kerikeri township.

In the Rural Production Zone where you would expect to see farming or horticulture, by controlling effects and not activities, there are no limits on commercial and industrial activities that are not closely related to primary production. Vision Kerikeri predicted long ago that; inevitably, as a consequence of this, activities would occur that were out of character with the predominant surrounding activity. That happened when a rubbish sorting depot was located next to Turners & Growers export pack house on Waipapa Road. We note that Laser Plumbing has recently moved into the former Fudge factory along KeriKeri Road which is also in the Rural Production Zone.

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