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A little bit about our Vision for Kerikeri

Kerikeri is a vibrant, attractive and safe town, blessed with a great climate anda host of recreational opportunities that create special “liveable” environment for the community. However, this does result in ongoing population growth and development pressures that need to be well managed in order to maintain and enhance that liveability.


Vision Kerikeri enadeavours to work cooperatively with all areas of the community to ensure that all interested parties work towards an optimal plan of development for the town.


In addition to taking direct action to ensure the best outcomes are achieived, we want to ensure that the wider community has a greater awareness of what is happening or proposed for Kerikeri and it's environs so that you can provide informed feedback and support.


To help share our vision we have launched this web site as a means of regularly publishing news on matters that affect you as a resident of the town. These can range from planning or development issues through to community projects that we are always looking for volunteers to assist with.


In addition to this site, we have established a Facebook page, Twitter account and a presence on Neighbourly. You can show your support by sharing our content and liking or following us on these.


If you would like to be become member of the Society you can download our membership form here.


If you would like to help with projects you will find "get involved" links on the news updates for the project or email us here.


Help us to conitnue to make Kerikeri a great place to live and do business in.

Download the minutes from the 2016 AGM


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