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Bridge extends the Wairoa Stream walkway

Rotary Kerikeri has finished and named the latest bridge across the Wairoa Stream.

The Bridge allows those walking the Wairoa Stream track to extend their walk by, by; crossing the Cobham Road bridge. Once across that bridge, cross Cobham Road and continue 'upstream' along the well formed track that takes you through Sammaree Reserve which borders Placemakers. At the end of the Reserve you will find the Rod Brown Bridge. If you cross this and follow the stream a short way (upstream) you will see a sign (arrow) that points you to an access way out to Campbell Lane. Campbell Lane connects to Shepherd Road and back to the corner of Cobham and Inlet Roads.

The bridge is not officially open but can be used. Please note that it is limited to use by no more than five people at a time and is still awaiting final sign off.

You can view the entire track by clicking the Google Map below.

You can also view more details on all of Kerikeri's walkways at this link:

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