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A new sewage plant planned for Kerikeri

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

In the Annual Plan consultation in 2015 the Council sought to get community feedback on a wide range of topics.Vision Kerikeri (VKK) commend the Council for seeking to get public feedback.

With regard to Kerikeri sewerage, 3 options were presented:

  • Build a new Kerikeri treatment plant next to the current plant in Shepherd Road and upgrade the Paihia treatment plant (Option 1a)

  • Upgrade the Paihia plant and build a new Kerikeri plant outside town (Option 1b)

  • Use an existing resource consent to build (in the Waitangi Forest) a plant able to treat sewage from Kerikeri and Paihia (Option 2)

  • Connect more than 300 central Kerikeri properties with on-site sewage disposal systems (septic tanks) to its sewerage network.

Most submitters supported the Council’s preferred Option (1a) and were in favour of extending the sewerage network. Vision Kerikeri’s submission was a minority position as it favoured Option (1b) in a submission of more than 2 pages.