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Vision Kerikeri Submissions on the Proposed District Plan

The Far North Draft District Plan closed for public submissions on October 21st. The district plan will set the policies and rules for planning in our district for at least the next 10 years.

Although the District Plan sounds boring, it is really important to all of us, because it sets the shape of future development in each area. It will affect everyone in the entire Far North for generations to come not just Kerikeri. Vision Kerikeri has made a number of submissions in the interests of better protecting and enhance the things that our communities value, such as:

  • Creating a better sense of place in our towns and rural areas

  • Reducing carbon emissions with safe cycleways and pedestrian-friendly town centres

  • Having well-designed housing developments, including affordable housing, in sensible locations

  • Protecting our natural environment and native wildlife

  • Improving access to waterways, creating more esplanade reserves

Each of our submissions can be viewed as PDF documents by clicking on the links below.

VKK PDP submission biodiversity & natural environment 21.10.2022 final
Download PDF • 1.22MB

VKK PDP submission urban rural planning zoning 21.10.2022 final
Download PDF • 515KB

VKK PDP submission tubbs farm zoning 21.10.2022 final
Download PDF • 399KB

VKK PDP submission sport and recreation zone 21.10.2022 final
Download PDF • 435KB

VKK PDP submission active transport cycling 21.10.2022 final
Download PDF • 662KB

VKK PDP submission signage 21.10.2022 final
Download PDF • 483KB

VKK PDP submission esplanade reserves 21.10.2022 final (1)
Download PDF • 564KB

VKK PDP submission climate emergency 21.10.22 final
Download PDF • 1.72MB

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