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The Sweet Spot of big business

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Jo Lumkong

So where is that . . . Sweet Spot?

Somewhere between big business economies of scale and localism? I know it exists, but how do we at a community and local government level find a way to determine the most efficient way to work together for the greater good?

There is much research that indicates polycentric systems of governance and resource management achieve greater levels of efficiency. By nature they are more resilient and have potential to far exceed centralised systems in terms of input of human energy and economics relative to gain. So why is it that systems which build collaboration between communities and local government aren’t more refined?

I’ve been prattling on about this for a while now. Sustainability in terms of the environment, climate change, renewable energy and our future as a species has taken centre stage. But what of the energy we put forth? How is this considered within our culture and our systems of governance?Over and over again I see individuals and groups coming up against barriers which impede progress and require such sustained and persistent levels of energy that many eventually give up. There is value in the time and energy we all put forward and there has got to be a better way.In the workplace a monetary value is placed on time and expectation in regard to productivity. When you step into the realm of community, charitable and heart driven work these structures seem to longer apply.