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AGM followed by engaging presentation on co-housing (video of presentation)

The 2019 Vision Kerikeri (VKK) AGM was held on Saturday, 27 July at the Cornerstone Church.

Rod Brown started proceedings with a tribute to the late Ron Grant, one of the founding committee members who was pivotal in the battle to stop the construction of a high rise building in the town back in 2004.

Rod Brown delivers a tribute to the late Ron Grant

The formal proceedings for the afternoon were led by Chair, David Clendon, who gave a summary of the years activities including:

  • The Wairoa Track has made further good progress, and the BOI-Whangaroa Community Board’s financial support was appreciated.

  • Previously spun-off Carbon Neutral NZ Trust gained charitable status and has been active in raising aware-ness of individual households’ impact on Climate Change with the tools of a Carbon Calculator, a Kaitiaki video for children, public talks and an e-bike trip from Waiheke Island to the Beehive supporting the ZeroCarbon Bill.Potential impact of the planned

  • Arvida Retirement Village at the end of Hall Road raised concerns of local residents as well as the wider community; especially the apparent unwillingness to take seriously residents’ real and valid concerns about road safety, and potential for property damage from stormwater damage. Given the scale and impact of the development, we believe the whole project should be fully notified to enable public participation in decision making.

  • FNDC’s commenced 2100 District Strategy and Spatial Plan (expected to be published for community consultation in September). The Chair participated in an initial info event together with two committee members.

  • The new community-initiative “Our Kerikeri” is welcomed and supported as a partial revival of the VKK-initiated Kerikeri-Waipapa District Plan 2007 with new visioning and activities. The Chair and a few Committee members participated in the public meetings.

  • VKK also participated supportively in the Domain Management Plan. He acknowledged the considerable work done on the VKK submission by committee member Jo Lumkong.

  • The Committee welcomes and supports Keri Molloy’s Taronui Beach access campaign.

  • The upcoming Bi-Centennial festivities are also supported, although the late start for preparations limit the opportunities due to lack of funding and time.

  • VKK is eager to participate in the consultation for the draft District Roading Strategy, expected to be released in October.

  • David Clendon’s monthly column in the Northland Age provides a good opportunity to reflect VKK views and concerns publicly; intensive feedback was received for the article appealing to FNDC to improve communication and facilitating public debate, including on social media platforms.

  • The intended sale and potential development of the Woodland property will have to stay under close watch, as it would be beneficial to keep the land for the public. VKK has written to Council encouraging early engagement with potential buyers regarding expectations around public access to waterways on the property.

The current chairperson and committee were re-elected for another 12 month term with an additional committee member, Bill Brownell, also being elected.

Vision Kerikeri Chairperson David Clendon, leads the formal part of the AGM

The formal part of the meeting was followed by a 30 minute presentation by Bill McKay, author, historian and Auckland University lecturer. Bill talked on better ways of housing ourselves and specifically on the opportunity for co-housing.

You can watch Bill's presentation below:

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