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Carbon Neutral Kerikeri Project

We are all aware of the increasingly alarming climate outlook for our planet. The action required to slow, halt or even reverse the current trends is something that we can and need to start taking personal responsibility for. Unfortunately, our individual efforts can seem insignificant. As top-down energy policy has been rather weak: a bottom-up approach is needed.

Vision Kerikeri Chairman Rod Brown believes that the answer is to start working collaboratively as a community. “Create the means by which each of us can determine our carbon emissions and measure our efforts to offset those. Using the aggregate data, we can benchmark our community carbon footprint and work collaboratively to find ways to reduce it with the objective being to ultimately create a carbon neutral Kerikeri”.

Rod introduced this concept at the last AGM and after a slow start we are pleased to be able to advise that the project is starting to come to fruition.

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