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KEVNS coming to Kerikeri

It was great to read the announcement by Kerikeri Retirement Village that they have decided to introduce a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs). This is even more exciting (and a boost) given Vision Kerikeri's (VKK) current efforts to encourage the establishment of a carbon neutral movement in the town. VKK congratulates the retirement villages for it's forward thinking and its move that will hopefully lead to the adoption of clean transport option by many more residents and businesses.

In addition to the KEVNS (Kerikeri Electric Vehicle Network for Seniors), the Village will also install a ‘fast charge’ station for EVs. It is working with Northland Regional Council on the best siting for this. The DC fast-charging unit would be available for general public use by 31 July this year. The EVs will be in place by the end of April with the first due in February.

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