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Great addition to Wairoa Stream track

Last week Rotary Waipapa installed three seats that they have contributed to the growing community effort along the Wairoa Stream Track.

The seats are strategically placed to give track walkers the opportunity to sit and enjoy some of the splendid solitude that is available along this track.

The one above the Te Wairere waterfall will be a favourite in the summer mornings and evenings and provides a sheltered spot to enjoy the winter sunshine.

Seat above the waterfall

This seat at the base of the falls offers a closeup encounter with the waterfall and some excellent shade from the hot summer sun.

Seat at the base of the falls

Towards the Alderton Park end of the track the third seat sits above a peaceful and very pretty section of the stream - a great way to engage with nature, without having to travel out of town.

Seat by Alderton Park

Thanks Rotary Waipapa!

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