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New website promotes Kerikeri walking tracks

Kerikeri waterfalls

Vision Kerikeri member Bob Bingham has recently created and launched a website promoting the numerous walking tracks and waterfalls that are all within walking distance of the Kerikeri CBD.

Bob is part of the Friends of Wairoa Stream volunteer group who have played a big part in providing track access to the long forgotten Te Wairere Waterfall and, during his regular daily walks around the town, he was surprised to discover yet another, long abandoned, track along the south side of the Kerikeri river. Bob is now leading community efforts to see this track restored.

He is passionate about the health benefits that walking offers and hopes that many others in the local community will get hooked on the same daily routine that he has. Kerikeri is spoilt for choice with the five tracks offering walkers the opportunity to connect with some amazing natural habitat, without having to leave town!

Bob also sees a great opportunity for the town to promote these tracks and waterfalls to others outside of Kerikeri, especially those seeking a weekend connection to nature and being able to enjoy some of the other great aspects of the Kerikeri lifestyle such as; the weekend markets, cafe and theatre scenes.

Check out the website at:

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