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Accentuating the positive

Accentuating the poisitive

Notwithstanding present problems needing resolution we cannot overlook success. What are some positive things in Kerikeri from the last dozen years or so?

Here are some achievements from the public and private sectors, the generosity of benefactors and with contributions too from the community. We need all of us working together for a successful town.

  • The 8 level Butler Road high rise apartment building didn’t get off the ground.

  • The height limit of buildings in the CBD was reinstated after mysteriously disappearing from the District Plan.

  • The Turner Centre opened thanks to the perseverance of Doug Turner and John Dalton and community contributions.

  • The Proctor Library was built thanks to a bequest from the Procters.

  • The Café Cinema modernised & extended to three cinemas.

  • The Heritage by-pass has diverted traffic from the Stone Store, and we have an impressive pedestrian bridge at the Basin

  • The Kerikeri Main Street Project has smartened the town centre (but traffic circulation is still a problem).

  • The “Café” culture is alive and well, and Kerikeri is still an attractive place to visit and live in.

  • The Domain debate was resolved (after a fashion), and organised sport shifted to the newly developed Procter sports fields (thanks to 4.85 hectares donated by the Procters).

  • The Chris Booth Sculpture erected on the Domain.

  • The Farmers Market has been a great success.

  • The Pack House market opened in 2015 is an even greater success.

  • The Makana Chocolate Factory - redesigned and extended

  • The Kerikeri/Waipapa Structure Plan was adopted by Council in 2007, (but alas, has been ignored ever since).

  • DOC’s impressive upgrading of the Basin, including Kororipo Pa, has improved its already park like character

  • Well designed and constructed footpaths along Kerikeri Road to the SH10 roundabout and from Haruru to Paihia

  • 2017 Track to Te Wairere waterfall opened & about 4km of stream restored for public access.

  • Progress on the KK sewerage scheme at last.

BUT unfortunately, some bad things have happened too. Like:

  • Degradation of Kerikeri Road and other gateway roads through inappropriate uses being established and inadequate landscaping.

  • The delayed implementation of the structure plan, and a weak effects based district plan has permitted fragmented development and a lack of link roads.

  • The alternative Butler/Homestead/Clark Road traffic connection, so that a pedestrian friendly town centre can develop, is urgently needed, but will not relieve the Butler/Cobham Roundabout and congestion south along Kerikeri Road will remain a problem.

We lack a vision and plan for the CBD.

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