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Te Wairere Waterfall Track: Map & Track Notes

Section of river & bush between the new bridge and the falls

In response to your feedback we have created a Google map that displays the track to the Te Wairere Waterfall that was opened in early April. The map is included at the bottom of this article. We have also created a static page on our website that displays the map and track notes, should you wish to reference it in the future.

It is great to see many people already using the track despite conditions having been a little damp underfoot. We can see from the usage to date that we need to look at putting in a couple of short sections of boardwalk over two areas of the track that are currently very wet.

We have 'officially' only opened the section of track from the grass esplanade by Alderton Park through to the Waterfall. However, the section of track from the waterfall to Cobham Road is walkable despite there still being a bit of work to be done, especially where the track joins the grass esplanade alongside Orchard Estate. Despite a bit of scrambling at the end, many people are taking the opportunity to walk right through to Cobham Road and it does allow you to undertake one of many circular walk options. We will add signage to that section of track once we have completed the outstanding tasks. that will make it easier to find if starting at Cobham Road bridge.

For those of you who have not yet undertaken the walk, here are some notes related to the track and options for extending your walk.

Track Notes

The track is not particularly difficult but you need to wear footwear that will handle stony and slippery terrain. The track is rocky in places and will be slippery if conditions have been recently wet. Some other things to be aware of:

  • Do not use the track if there is any risk of flooding.

  • Dogs are not allowed on some sections of the track, these are signposted. Cycling, camping and lighting of fires is prohibited.