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Access to the outdoors needs to be considered as part of infrastructure

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

A recent article on the Walking Access Commissions website deals with an issue that impacts on most of us, especially here in the Kerikeri area where tourism is growing part of our economic mix.

The article refers to several of high profile projects underway around NZ but we can see projects underway in our area that involve the more costly retro-fitting of access to infrastructure developments completed in the

past. Two high profile example under construction at the moment are the shared cycle / foot paths on Kerikeri Road and on the Haruru to Pahia Road.

Vision Kerikeri is also involved with, Rotary and Living Waters, in habitat restoration and access projects along a 3km urban stretch of the Wairoa stream. The projects are reliant on volunteer labour and will create access to restored public reserve land that had over time had become a disgraceful mess of rubbish and weeds inaccessible to all but the very daring.

Is the approach right for future developments? Read the full article here.

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