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An effective traffic circulation system for Kerikeri CBD and the upcoming election

We have long advocated developing an improved traffic circulation system in Kerikeri to improve traffic safety and flow in the CBD. A road from Countdown in Butler Road to Homestead Road and on to Clark Road.

Kerikeri Road traffic patterns have been static but this is changing with signs of considerable house construction and associated economic activity.. The KeriKeri Road/Hobson Avenue roundabout is now very busy with its usual traffic hesitation more pronounced.

Kerikeri showed a population growth from 2006 to 2013 of about 10.8%. Growth for the town and its adjacent Kapiro mesh block will now be well in advance of projections with this being generated from Auckland where some residents, who decide to capitalise on the dramatic increases in property values in that city, will see Kerikeri as an attractive destination.

Much of Kerikeri has evolved in an ad hoc, unplanned way without a grid road pattern and we were unready for the surge in population that took place between 1996 and 2006. Much of the subdivision under our permissive

District Plan has taken place without necessary infrastructure being in place. The Structure Plan is intended to

remedy this over time and this new CBD road is an essential precondition to further growth.


Now is the time to invest in improving Kerikeri’s traffic circulation and this project should be undertaken asap.

This is an election year and we should be asking our prospective politicians if they support this project and in what timescale.

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