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Wairoa Stream Planting 2016

This year's planting was disrupted by the weather on several occasions.

We moved the plants to the planting area on Friday, 24 June and then the forecast rains came. When I visited the site on the Saturday, after torrential rain, the area was extremely muddy and slippery. One of the trays of plants had been washed away, hopefully they have found a suitable home on one of the islands out in the Bay. The planting that had already been rescheduled to the Sunday was just not going to be possible in the conditions.

Rather than risk a dodgy forecast for the following weekend we decided to take the next weather window that came along and and planted on Tuesday (28 June). This was of course unsuitable for many of our volunteers but, let's face it, in winter you have to take the opportunities when presented. Even on Tuesday, the mud was a menace for the 21 volunteers who were able to help.

Many hands make light work. About 720 plants were planted on Tuesday with 80 going into the ground on Monday. Eddie Gompelman, our world champion planter in the Bay of Islands, who retired from planting a few years ago because of bad health, was back; out to prove that he is fit and up to speed. He planted 102 plants on his own. Welcome back Eddie! For those interested in statistics we extended the public walkway and wildlife corridor a further 90 metres up stream today. We have now reached 325 metres upstream of Cobham Bridge in 4 years an average of only about 80 metres a year. This indicates the difficulty, physical nature of the jungle of weeds, and overall neglect of the Wairoa Stream. If you had time to look at the ginger on the opposite stream bank you can get a partial appreciation of the ginger that has been removed (altogether 20 high sided truckloads of a green waste were taken off site). We have also planted 550 metres downstream of Cobham bridge so about 900 metres of a public walkway to date.

Our planters in action

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