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Draft Coastal Hazard Maps Released by Northland Regional Council

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

These maps can be viewed on the Northland Regional Councils website and are the result of a three-year review designed to ensure better long-term local authority planning for up to 13,000 potentially affected properties in erosion and/or flood-prone Northland coastal areas which is nearing completion.

The review began in 2013 and aims to update existing Northland Regional Council coastal hazard zones, most of which were developed at least a decade ago.

Councillor Joe Carr, who chairs the council's Environmental Management Committee, says the council has today released draft coastal hazard maps identifying land potentially at risk of flooding and/or erosion by the sea.

"There are coastal erosion hazard maps for 31 sites and coastal flood hazard maps for 61 sites; all up these cover roughly 13,000 properties up and down the length of our east and west coasts."

We have provided some links below to relevant pages on the Northland Regional Council web site:

Frequently asked questions related to the draft hazard maps

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