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Roland's Woods: Kerikeri do we want a public reserve or ?

One of the many paths meandering through Roland's Woods

The Friends of Roland's Wood Trustees have embarked on an ambitious but important initiative to create additional reserve land adjacent to the current Roland's Wood.

If you are not familiar with the Woods (being a relative newcomer to Kerikeri I wasn't) you can read more about Roland's Woods and the Trustees proposals here.

How to get to Rolands Wood

I went down to the Woods today and I have to say I got a big surprise. I had camera in hand and snapped a few shots of this impressive community asset and I am sure that you will agree that adding additional land to this is an admirable investment in the future of Kerikeri.

Vision Kerikeri certainly thinks so and expresses it's support of this type of initiative, especially at this time where the choices appear to be; putting land aside now to for a time when Kerikeri is more densly populated or lacking forsight and simply seeing this being sold for potential future subdivision. At th