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Update: Te Wairere / Wairoa Stream Waterfall Track

Rotary Kerikeri has constructed two small bridges and built several sets of steps and a fence along a private property boundary, while Vision Kerikeri has worked on planting along a number of private property boundaries.

There has been extensive, Moth Plant, Taiwan Cherry, Ginger and Tobacco Weed control, track formation and planting while the most severe frosts that we can recall killed most puriri and other sensitive species during the last winter.

There was a construction pause on this track for quite a period while negotiations, survey and legal documentation with private land owners took place. This was required to create an easement for access to their land and for construction of a bridge on it.

Emily and Richard Fladgate have kindly consented and the easement is currently being gazetted. Legal and survey costs have been paid for by the Walking Access Commission which will also fund track signage.

550 community hours of work have been spent and 450 native plants planted.

Funding of $10,000 for the bridge has kindly been offered by a benefactor from Wanaka, Mr Michael Sidey, which with a further $5000 from FNDC will enable the bridge to be completed allowing access to the Wairoa Falls and beyond.

Bridge design has been completed by PK Engineering. and consent application lodged with FNDC. The brief was that it must be of simple design and capable of being built by Rotary Kerikeri. It will be a wooden truss design on concrete footings. Rotary is raring to go but we do not yet have a start date.

Nora Rameka of Ngati Rehia, kaitiaki of the area, advises the Maori name for the waterfall is Te Wairere which will be reflected in the signage.

The Wairoa Stream Track

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