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Friends of Wairoa Stream

Part of the Wairoa track  - February 2016 - Photo:Cliff Mail

Wairoa Stream has been a hidden and much neglected treasure which at its closest point is only a 5 minute walk from the centre of town.

There are two discrete projects underway separated by a large obstacle called the Wairoa Waterfall.

Three years ago, the public Walkway and Wildlife Corridor began, starting 350 metres upstream of the waterfall along the Orchard Estate boundary to the Cobham Bridge and then continuing upstream. This is a joint project by Vision Kerikeri and Living Waters. In February 2015 Vision Kerikeri and Rotary Kerikeri started a 1.5 km track from Pa Road bridge to the long hidden Wairoa waterfall.

By late 2015 1 km of track from Pa Road bridge toward the waterfall had been constructed and 800 metres of public walkway upstream and downstream of Cobham Bridge had been formed and planted. The goal is to link the two projects by forming a track around the waterfall.

Maintenance is an on-going issue for these walkways especially with spring weed growth. Without maintenance the effort to build the tracks will be wasted. It is too m