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Kerikeri Domain update

There has been much misinformation on social media regarding the Domain, we thought it would be good to give an update and try and give clarity where we can.

We congratulate the Community board and in particular Rachel Smith on the thorough community engagement and consultation process. Our overall experience was positive and we believe the community and stakeholders have been heard and well represented in the Kerikeri Domain Management Plan.

The Domain is a special place and needs to be protected for future generations and treasured as our only green space in the CBD. We believe that the adopted plan pays respect to this place, whilst also providing flexibility. This aids in encouraging design for optimising access and use for all and allows for innovation, efficient use of resources and creativity while having community wellbeing as its central focus.

We know many are upset at the council decision for this to no longer be a ‘sports ground’. FNDC is actively seeking to purchase land for a new sports hub to provide a more suitable home to a number of sports codes not adequately catered for.

We are worried about the level of misinformation out in the public realm e.g. comments that a road is running through it, commercial buildings are being built, no green space will be left etc. We encourage you to take 5 minutes to look at the approved plan (links to plan PDF on FNDC website).

We understand that the newly demolished Pavilion held sentimental value with many positive and fond memories, but according to FNDC, the Pavilion was significantly fire damaged, asbestos identified, and the cost of repairing was prohibitive. It is done, it is down now let’s begin as a community to look to where we go from here.

FNDC had resolved last year to form a “Domain Management Committee” this still sits with council to resolve the structure of such a committee and prepare required legal documentation. It has been determined that council/community board will have a committee representative. We have requested an update as this will inform the next steps for this special place.

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