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District Plan: schedule of notable trees

The FNDC wants to hear about exceptional trees that need special protection. The public can nominate a tree, or group of trees, that they think should be identified as Notable Trees and protected in the new District Plan. It is illegal to damage or remove trees included on the District Plan Schedule of Notable Trees.

Trees can be included on the schedule because of their age, size, character and visibility; because they commemorate important events in the district’s history; or because they are critical to the survival of other species.

“The Schedule of Notable Trees recognises how crucial trees are to our environment, our identity and our sense of wellbeing,” says Acting General Manager – Strategic Planning and Policy Bill Lee. “Tane Mahuta – the country’s most famous tree – is the obvious example of a Notable Tree. Destruction of it or any of our notable trees would be seen as a tragedy by the community. That is why we seek to protect these taonga by placing them on the Schedule of Notable Trees at each review of the District Plan.”

Nominations can be completed using an online tool accessed via computer or a smartphone. Nominations can also include photographs of the tree.

The Council will evaluate each nomination to determine whether the tree should be included in the new schedule. Preference will be given to trees growing on public land or on the property of the person nominating the tree. Property owners may be eligible for grants or other incentives to help them maintain Notable Trees.

Nominations for new Notable Trees opened on 6 November and will close at 5pm on 6 December 2017. To nominate a tree or group of trees visit any FNDC service centre, or online at:

Find out more about notable trees in the Far North at

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