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Seen on the Web: 3 ways the RMA fails to protect the economy

At the end of September the Economic Defence Society of NZ (EDS) released an 84 page report titled "Evaluating the environmental outcomes of the RMA".

The research commissioned by the EMA, New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development, Property Council New Zealand and conducted by the Environmental Defence Society (EDS), revealed that the environmental outcomes of the Resource Management Act (RMA) have not met expectations.

In a surprising twist, four very different and diverse organisations are united in the view that the RMA and wider resource management system is not delivering for the environment nor for business.

The research, conducted by EDS Senior Policy Analyst Dr Marie Brown, revealed that 81% of respondents believed the environment had declined since 1991.

If you don't want to 'wade' through the full report, The Gareth Morgan Blog summarises it here:

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