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Wairoa Stream: Kerikeri Primary School planting Tuesday, 28 June 2022

On 28 June 17 Kerikeri Primary School (KKPS) students, led by Deputy Principal Rosemary Murphy, planted on their usual stream site with four of the Friends of Wairoa Stream as mentors.

102 plants were planted in 2 hours by the children and before the weather broke. They were an enthusiastic and energetic team.The children have been planting there each year since 2017 and have now planted nearly 600 native plants of 36 different species.

The objective is to restore the native forest habitat. Five years ago it was a wilderness of gorse, blackberry, Montbretia and Jasmine. Privet, Moth plant and Taiwan Cherry are still a threat but are being managed.

This KKPS planting site is not easy being very wet in winter from runoff from the hill above, and very dry in summer.

The team at work.


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