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Wairoa Stream: Track to be extended along a stream tributary

Stage 2 of a track linking the main Wairoa Stream track to Kerikeri township may now start as soon as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Stages 2 and 3 of the track along the tributary bank are on private land and are only possible by the generosity of the land owners Dave and Avril Warren who have very kindly granted an easement. Stage 1 of 70 metres was planted and opened last year. Stage 4 is along the Mill Lane paper road extension.

The legal and survey fees are being funded by the Walking Access Commission. Stage 2 will be planted out in a public planting on July 19th dependent on Covid-19 restrictions. It will take FOWS a couple of years to complete the track.

The map below shows the planned extensions.

Wairoa Stream Track Extension

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