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The Kerikeri Domain

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Back in 1936, a group of forward thinking citizens, formed the Kerikeri Recreation Reserve Inc. Society. The Society purchased 6 acres and one generous man Syd Jolly donated a further 3 acres to create a 9-acre site in the heart of Kerikeri township as a community cricket venue. This open space we now know as 'The Kerikeri Domain'.

At that time Kerikeri had a population of only 450 and a weekend cricket game was as much a social event or place to connect with others, as it was for sport or recreation. When considered in historical context the current designated use aligns well with the founding intention of the reserve, as a place for community connection, events and recreation. This legacy continues for the benefit of the whole community and future generations.

We feel Kerikeri must ensure that the Domain remains available as an open space for ongoing recreation and events for all.

Organised sport was moved off the Domain to the newly established Procter sports fields around nine years ago. Unfortunately, not all sports are catered for there, or at Waipapa. Cricket and Rugby League have been seeking use of the Domain as a sports ground and Rugby League is at present using the grounds on a temporary basis. As a key asset at the heart of our town we are concerned that there is a risk of special interest groups establishing long-term on the site, limiting potential use by the general public. Sports facilities for these codes are needed but would be best developed elsewhere.

The domain trust determined that this community open space was intended for community recreation and special events. We feel the heart of Kerikeri should belong to all and not be forsaken to long term use by a few.

If you have views on this matter, we would be pleased to hear them. Email us at

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