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A plan for Kerikeri

Vision Kerikeri Public Meeting 23 Nov 2016

This evening Vision Kerikeri Chaiman, Rod Brown, presented an overview of the issues that are critical to maintaining and enhancing the charm of Kerikeri.

A copy of Rod's presentation can be downloaded / viewed at the link below and, if you are interested in reviewing the Kerikeri / Waipapa Structure plan that Rod regularly referred to in his presentation, there is also a link to the Plan on the FNDC web site.

Vision Kerikeri believes that most aspects of the document are as relevant in 2016 as they were when the Structure Plan was first created, especially the provisions for traffic management in the town center. Rod also expressed VKK's concerns with regard to the impact of poor design and planning and land uses in land designated as being zoned 'Rural Production'. All of these issues have the potential to reduce the charm that attracts most people to live in, or visit, Kerikeri.

A short video on why we love Kerikeri

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